We provide businesses with top class Excel training at the introductory, intermediate, advanced and macro (VBA) levels via our on-site half-day hands-on courses. The aim is simple: to help Excel users make more productive use of their time. People attending our courses are offered free helpdesk support so that they can apply their learning on a day-to-day basis.




We also create marketing communication planning/evaluation tools and Excel-based analysis systems that are tailor-made to your specific requirements.These help you cope effectively and more productively with the vast amount of data that's available today and gain a competitive advantage.



Excel Tips and Tricks

Download our free file with 50 Excel tips, tricks and techniques you can start using right away. They're graded into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories - so whichever level you're at, we're sure you'll find something useful in there.

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We're happy to add extra tips if you'd like to suggest some. We'll decide whether to include them....and we'll give you a credit if we do.




50 Excel Tips
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